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Procedure to Check-in
Contract Type
Extension of Contract Period
Check-out before the Expiration of the Contract
Contract Person
Discount for long-term stay
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1.Facilities, Services and Procedure to Check-in


Your room has full set of furniture, electric appliance and kitchen appliance so that you can start new living from the day of your arrival.

*Interior equipments and Fixtures included in the basic rent

Furniture Furniture Electric Appliance Electric Appliance
CATV License Fee
CATV License Fee Internet Access Charge
Internet Access Charge
Utility Charge for Water, Electricity and Gas
Utility Charge for Water,
Electricity and Gas
Bedding & Linen
Bedding & Linen
Tableware and Cookware
Tableware and Cookware Parking Space for bicycle
Parking Space for bicycle
Furniture bed, sofa and coffee table, dining table, dresser, desk, chair, curtains, night table, safe, etc.
Electric Appliance CATV receiver tuner, TV, video deck, DVD player, lamp, hair dryer, iron/ironing board, air-conditioner, washer, dryer, etc.
Kitchen Appliance refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal, microwave oven with toaster function, gas range with oven, etc.
Tableware / Cookware Dining sets: cups, glasses, knives, forks, pans, cooking knives, cooking utensil, etc.
  • Available upon your request:- rice cooker, air cleaner, humidifier, etc.
  • CATV offers a total 78 channels including CNN, BBC and the STAR Channel.
  • Fixed type PHS Phone.
  • High-speed Internet access is provided with wireless access(WiFi) function.
  • Parking space for bicycle is subject to availability.

*Optional Facilities (at extra charge)
- Extra bed. Extra bedding and linen.
- Pick-up channel on CATV (WOWOW etc.)
- Car parks (Subject to availability. Please make inquiry to us.)


*Services included in the basic rent

  • Weekly maid service (twice a week)
  • Room Cleaning (including a change of linens and dust-bin collection)
  • Change of towels (Twice a week upon maid services. Several numbers are provided for your use until next service day.)
  • Front desk concierge service (daytime on weekdays)
    • Receives order dry cleaning (separate charges)
    • Booking / reservation for ticket, restaurant etc.
    • Anything upon your inquiries.
    Please feel free to ask.

*Optional Services (at extra charge)

  • Kitchen (wet area) cleaning
  • Courtesy Car from / to Narita Airport with meet service on arrival

Procedure to Check-in

Inquiry Available by e-mail, web form and telephone call
Presentation of available room We will present the most suitable available room which meet your conditions / requirements.
Room Preview  
Fix your room  
Contact Necessary documents will be announced prior to the contract.
 Payment for application fee See more details here
Check-in Our staff will meet you at the entrance on your arrival.
Courtesy Car service from Narita Airport also available (optional).

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2 Contract and Rents

Contract Type

Monthly contract is required (not less than 1 month period).

Extension of Contract

Period of Stay Please notice by
More than 1 months and
Less than 6 months
14 days before the expiration of the contract
More than 6 months and
Less than 1 year
21 days before the expiration of the contract
More than 1 year and Less than 2 years 1 month before the expiration of the contract
More than 2 years 2 month before the expiration of the contract

*We will respond your requests to the utmost of our availability even short notice. Please feel free to inquire.

Check-out before the Expiration of the Contract

Period of Contract Please notice by

1 month-
less than 6 month

14 days before the check-out date

6 month-

less than 1 year
21 days before the check-out date
1 year and over 1 month before the check-out date

Contract Person

Both corporate and individual contract are acceptable whichever you require.


1.Room rent is subject to room.

Please click here for details.

2.Payment Period
Please pay 1 month rent by the day before your check-in.
Please pay the following month's rent by the day before the period starts.

3.Payment Method
You can pay for rent by means of:-

  • A fund transfer
    Debit Card
    Credit Card
  • Credit Card

Discount for long-term stay

We have discount plan for stay 1 year and over. Please inquire for details.


Deposit is required before check-in as follows:-

Period of Stay Amount
1 year and over Equal to 2 month rents
Less than 1 year Equal to 1 month rent

Cancellation Fee

In case of cancellation before check-in, cancellation fee is required as follows:-

If you cancel by Deposit
1 month and more before check-in date All refunded
14 - 30 days before check-in 20% of rent is charged
2 - 13 days before check-in 50% of rent is charged
After the previous day of check-in date 100% of rent is charged

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3 Surroundings


  • In just a 2 to 10 minutes walk from Elite-Inns, you can reach 13 different stations on 10 stations.
  • To Narita Airport (NRT), °»Keisei Skyliner°… is very convenient. It°«s origin °»Keisei Ueno Station°… is located within walking distance from our apartments. Also it takes just 15 minutes by taxi to Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT) from us.

Please click here for details.

Living Environment

Yushima area where Elite-Inns located combines its legacy of Edo Culture with the pleasant features of quiet residential area in Central Tokyo. You can spend fulfilling days here in quiet and convenient district.

Please click here for details.

  • Shopping / Restaurant
    There are various shopping spots and restaurants within walking distance from Elite-Inns.
  • Hospitals
    Various hospitals, such as emergency hospitals, university hospitals general hospitals and doctor°«s office are located in this area. Our bilingual staff will attend to anywhere if you feel uneasy as to communication with them.
  • Schools
    For you and your child, we will ask for the information about availability for entrance into public, private or international schools nearby our apartments to the board of education / each school. Please request always light-heartedly.
  • Car Parks
    We can introduce a car park in our neighborhood, if ours are fully occupied.
    The rent will be about JPY50,000 per month.
  • Exercise Facilities
    Within 15 minutes by bicycle, there are some facilities such as a gym and a swimming pool.

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4 Accecc to Elite-inn

We have 3 Elite-Inns in this Yushima area. Please see °»Access Map°… and °»Access from Narita Airport°… for your easy arrival to us.

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5 About us

Elite-Inn apartments are run by °»Tsunashima & Co.,Ltd°… under °»Ichigo Ichie°… business principle. We are also carrying on the office rental business in this area.Please find our official Web site for more information.

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