Our guests are welcomed with the hospitality spirits of °»Ichigo Ichie°….

"Ichigo Ichie" means a once in a life time chance, and this lies at the heart of hospitality in the tea ceremony. We make this tradition of hospitality the basis for our service.
Without exception, we treat our guests from abroad with heartfelt hospitality even if we will likely never meet them again. To all guests alike, from frequent travelers to those uneasy about being in a foreign land, we do our utmost to extend a warm welcome and make the Elite-Inn Serviced Apartments a home away from home, where the days can be passed in comfort and luxury.

About"Ichigo Ichie"

°»Ichigo Ichie°… is an adage written by a votary of the tea cult in the Azuchi-Momoyama era (1573 to 1603), avowing that every opportunity to extend hospitality to another person is a special occasion that will never recur in one's lifetime.
With this in mind, the hospitality-giver must always strive for perfection.
Faithful to the wisdom of this old Japanese adage, Ichigo Ichie, we will provide you all the hospitality and security needed to relieve you from the potential strain and uneasiness of a stay abroad, as well as the best possible environment for devoting undivided attention to your business.

[Ichigo Ichie]
Written by Tenpu Tsunashima


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